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What is Audio Mastering?

During the so-called premastering (which is often also called mastering for short), already mixed down stereo tracks are assembled into a complete CD. However, this step comprises much more than just putting the tracks together. Each track has to be edited once again in this production step to build a homogeneous sound throughout the whole CD. Furthermore, the stage of premastering is the last chance to fix potential sound problems, that might still exist. In addition, the start and end markers of the track are set, fades and cross-fades are applied where necessary, and the CD and title information is input. This procedure is called PQ editing. If you wish, we will also allocate an ISRC code for each of your CD tracks.

The convenient way without compromises in quality

We offer professional high-quality online audio mastering, so you can conveniently stay at home, while we master your CD. Furthermore, we can adapt our mastering process specifically to tracks that will be distributed online using digital formats (MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, etc.).

If you wish, our studio can also give back to your mastered recordings the warmth and sound depth as it is well-known from the era of analog recordings using specialized digital tools.

New customers will get a single track of their choice mastered for free as a sample to get an impression of our quality.

We offer an online mastering service that make your recordings sound convincingly.

Why do you need professional studio for that?

Mastering music recordings requires special knowledge as well as suitable equipment and good room acoustics. These preliminaries have to be met to get out the full potential of a recording in this final processing step of music production. To obtain an optimal result, this step should be performed by a qualified mastering engineer, since a wrong approach or treatment easily can worsen the quality of the recording.

Even if you choose to mix your recording yourself, the mastering should be preferably done by a competent mastering engineer because he or she can help you to spot problems in your mix and consult you how to fix them. Furthermore, a professional mastering engineer will do everything to make your recording shine as much as possible in the end.

Stem Mastering

Additionally, we offer stem mastering. While in ordinary mastering, you send us a file in stereo format per title, you can send us several files per title, often referred to as stems. These different files should contain a certain group of instruments only. In this type of mastering, we have even more flexible possibilities to get the optimal sound out of your recording.

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