Usually, we deliver our results to you online. However, we always make sure that only you will have access to the data that is yours.

We provide this security by applying the following two steps:

  1. We deliver your data in a format that only can be played back with a special player application that is provided by us. This application allows you to play back and to check the complete CD, including the pauses between tracks and the title information. Furthermore, the program allows you to burn a reference CD of your project yourself, which then can be played back on any CD player.
  2. If you wish, your data will be protected by a password that we will send you (and only you) by email.

We can provide this player for either PC or MAC to you free of charge. Simply contact us.

This player can be used only for DDP images created by us. It won't play back any other DDP images.

If you should encounter any problems while installing or using the player, please feel free to contact us. We'll be glad to help you!

If you wish, we can also send you a finalized DDP image, either digitally or on physical media, which you may send them to a CD replication plant of your choice. The advantage of DDP image is that they can be checked for data errors, and thus, transfer or media burning errors can be detected and excluded easily. However, please ensure in advance that the CD plant of your choice accepts DDP images as a master for replication.

On request, we also can create a physical CD of your project and send it to you by snail mail, of course.