The studio Klangexzellenz is run by Patrick Schönbach, a classically trained composer, certified audio engineer (certified by Audiocation), and a musicologist. In his primary job, Patrick Schönbach also works as a software developer.

Despite a severe cerebral palsy since birth, Patrick Schönbach had a strong affinity towards music since his early age. Since his physical challenge does not allow him to play any instrument practically, he began to compose autodidactically, at an age of 12, realizing his music with music technology.

After finishing high school, visiting a normal, public school near Nuremberg, Germany, he studied musicology at the University of Würzburg with Prof. Dr. W. Osthoff and Prof. Dr. M. Just. Additionally, he studied music theory at the School of Music there with Prof. U. Schultheiß and H. Beyer. Furthermore, he owes important impulses to Prof. Dr. h.c. Zsolt Gárdonyi, and as well to the times as a permanent guest of the Orchestral Academy of the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival at Salzau for five summers.

In 2010, Patrick Schönbach completed an education as a certified audio engineer. Additionally, in summer 2011, Patrick Schönbach completed an online course on audio mastering at Berkleemusic with great success. The course has been taught by the internationally renowned mastering engineer Marc-Dieter Einstmann.

Since 2010, Patrick Schönbach is professionally active as an audio engineer, where he builds upon his own vast musical experience as well as his practical experience over decades in using all different kinds of studio technology.

On the page "Our Gear", you will get an overview of the studio technology used at Klangexzellenz.