Online Audio Mastering, Editing, Mixing, and Audio Restoration

Klangexzellenz is a small audio studio that has nevertheless a versatile range of highend equipment. For us, quality has the highest priority and your project is much more for us than just an opportunity to make quick money. It is very important for us that in the end, we deliver a high-quality production to you that fully satisfies you as a customer and that also matches our high standards concerning sound quality and musicality. Therefore, it is very important to us, to provide you with all the needed advice, if necessary, before the production itself starts.

For this reason, we are strongly against productions that are done very fast, because from experience we know, that really good productions need time. This still is true, also in a fast-paced world. The reason for this is that the results already achieved have to be questioned again and again with the proper objectivity and with "fresh ears". Then, these results have to be refined step by step in order to get the optimum sound.

We have specialized on the postproduction of audio recordings. Our customers will send us the recorded raw material, and we will take care that the final result will really sound as great as the customer imagines it to sound.

At Klangexzellenz, we offer professional quality online mastering, audio editing, mixing as well as audio restoration for your recordings. We also use the newest technology for mastering tracks that will be distributed in digital formats online.

New customers will get online mastering for a single track of their choice for free as a sample to get an impression our quality. However, before sending any files, please read our requirements for raw recordings carefully, and adapt your material accordingly, if necessary.

You can send us your source material either via the internet or by mail on CD i.e. DVD. Usually, the results of our editing are then provided to you via the internet as well.

Online mixing and mastering in top quality

All our services are offered on the internet, so you don't have to be present in the studio. Everything can be handled online. In case of editing, mixing and mastering, we will stay in frequent exchange with you to be able to realize your intentions. At Klangexzellenz, offering professional audio services online, such as online mastering or mixing, never means to deliver out-of-the-mill products to the customer, but to collaborate with the customer using innovative ways in order to realize the sound that he or she imagines.

Our main focus is the editing of high-quality audio recordings, particularly in the field of classical music. However, all kinds of challenging projects are welcome. For instance, we offer professional audio restoration.

If requested, we apply the newest loudness standards and recommendations such as EBU R 128.

If it is advisable for a certain project (e.g. for online mastering in some cases), we also offer sessions with a livestream during which you are able to listen to what we hear in our studio with your computer. At the same time, you will be able to communicate with us via the chat system of our studio. Like this, we can realize your ideas directly in accordance with you. For details, please refer to Live Sessions.

In addition, Klangexzellenz is also a registered record label at which we will distribute selected productions from our studio.

At Klangexzellenz, you'll get convienently online: mastering, audio editing, mixing, and audio restoration at top quality.