We have a strong commitment to the following artistic principles:

  1. At Klangexzellenz, the focus is always on the music itself and on the listening experience. The technical equipment just offers us the right tools to get the best possible sound out of your recording.
  2. We definitely know how to use the tools at our disposal.  However, they are never the end in itself. Quite the contrary, we try to make progress with as less technical sound processing as possible, just to be able to use our versatile tools very precisely afterwards un order to improve the sound.
  3. We do use high-quality equipment. However, at the same time, we are convinced that the quality of a component is not always determined by its price only, but it depends foremost on its sound characteristics.
  4. The collaboration with our customers is essential to us. Even though the communication with the customer usually takes place over a geographical distance, we always try to adjust ourselves to you and to your sound concepts. We have over a decade of experience in online collaboration, which helps us to realize your ideas very effectively despite the distance.
  5. We attach great importance to transparency towards our customers. The complete production process from the raw material to the finalized CD master should always remain understandable for the customer. For this reason, we explain to you, if necessary, the ideas behind our decisions and the purpose of the processing steps we take.
  6. As an active member of the Pleasurize Music Foundation, we are strongly committed to dynamic sound that is enjoyable for the listener and that reproduces the music in a quality that is adequate for its particular style. You want to win the "Loudness War" at any cost, and you would like to rule out all your competitors regarding loudness? — Not with us!
  7. In normal cases, we consequently apply the most recent loudness standards and recommendations during the mastering process, such as EBU R 128. On request, we can also apply other established loudness standards, if they are suitable for the music.
  8. We are not fully satisfied with the final result until our customer is satisfied as well. For this reason, quality is more important to us than achieving fast results.