Please prepare the files of your source material carefully and name them uniquely and consistently.

In the following, you will find some downloadable information about the requirements for raw recordings that you send to us. Furthermore, you will find the sheet Mastering Request that has to be filled in completely for every project (except for the free test mastering) where we will do premastering (please fill in both sheets contained in the file!):

Mastering request

There are several possibilities to send us your data:

1. Online

a) Via File Hosting

First, put all your data into an archive (e.g. in ZIP or RAR format). If you are concerned about security, protect your archive with a password that you email to us. Then, send the archive with a file hosting service. Currently, we recommend the following free services:

File2Send For files up to about 500 MB in size. No registration needed.
Filemail For files up to 2 GB in size. No registration needed.
WeTransfer For files up to 2 GB in size. No registration needed. No size limits. Please send us the link, which you will get by email after uploading. No registration needed.
HighTail For files up to 100 MB in size.

b) Via Cloud Data Storage Services

Currently, we do have accounts at the following cloud data storage services:

c) Via FTP

On request, we also can create an account on our FTP server for you. Simply drop us an email and let us know.

2. On physical media

If you prefer, you also can send us your data on CD, DVD, memory card or USB stick. You can find our postal address on the contact page.