Audio Restoration

You have either music or speech recordings that are somewhat aged, really old, or that have a problematic sound quality for any other reasons, and you would like to have these recordings restored to approximate present sound quality standards? We are able to help! We offer professional high-quality restoration for the audio material you send to us.

Restoring audio material requires a lot of time, specialized tools, and first of all great sensibility. On one hand, any kind of noise not belonging to the material itself has to be eleminated from the historical recording as best as possible. On the other hand, the recorded material itself must not be deteriorated, but should be sonically improved, if possible.In order to realize these both goals convincingly, which oppose each other diametrally in princible, one needs a fine, well-trained ear, but also a lot of patience and effort, because in this kind of work, it is impossible to use any predefined processing steps. Every passage that needs restoration is different and has to be edited individually, often by successively applying many small processing steps.

For this reason, high-quality audio restoration is not just a technical process, but it is an art as well that sometime can achieve nearly incredible results with the help of many very small improvements. Of coufse, a historic recording never will sound like a modern one, however, depending on the quality of the source material, a significantly improved sound quality can be achieved.

If you have audio material that needs some restoration, please feel free to contact us, so we can discuss together with you, how we can help.