During the production process, we preferably use a request tracking system for which you will get an account from us when you order our services.

The request tracking system basically works like a forum system as you find it everywhere in the internet. For every request (e.g. you would like us tö change something etc), a new thread (to stick with the commonly used terms in forums) will be created. If you have more than one request, please create a separate thread for each request. In addition to the functionality of a forum, you can assign e.g. a status and further additional information to each request. For example, you can always check the state of a certain request.

Die Anfragenbearbeitung läuft im Prinzip wie folgt ab:

Basically, a request will be processed like this:

  1. You submit a new request.
  2. In case we have questions regarding your request, we'll post a comment in that thread to which you can reply then.
  3. As soon as everything has been discussedp roperly, we will realize your request and we will send you a new version of the affected track. Then, we will mark the request as "resolved". Alternatively, we can also arrange a live streaming session during which we can communicate with you via chat to find together with you the sound you imagine.
  4. Now, you can listen to the changes we made.
  5. If you are happy with the changes, you can confirm that everything has been changed correctly and you can permanently close this issue.
  6. However, in case that you should be not fully satisfied with the changes, you can reopen the issue and the process continues again at step 2.
To avod that you have to login frequently just to check if there has been some progress with you requests, you will be automatically notified by email about any changes that have been made.This system has sighnificant advantages, for you as well as for us:
  • You as well as we will always have a clear overview on the issues that have been resolved successfully and those which we still will have to work on.
  • The whole communication to a certain issue can be revisited at a glance. It is no longer necessary to put the communication together from bits that are spread over several e-mails.
  • Requests no longer get lost, because it is always clearly visible which issues have to be solved still. Nothing lurks around in some e-mail folder, where it could be overlooked easily.

Natürlich können nur Sie und wir Ihre Anfragen sehen, andere Kunden oder sonstige Besucher der Webseite haben keinen Zugriff darauf. Sollten Sie Probleme mit dem Anfrageverwartungssystem haben oder sich anfangs nicht zurecht finden, schreiben Sie uns einfach eine E-Mail. Wir helfen Ihnen jederzeit gerne weiter!

Of course, only you and we will have access to your requests. Other customers of ours or other visitors of our website won't have any access to your project.

In case you encounter any problems with our request tracking system or if you find it hard at first to use it, please email us. We will be glad to help you anytime!

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